Thursday, 19 October 2017

back to school

We are back from the holidays, and we are ready to learn about amazing subjects. First day wasn't to bad, I liked the first day because it was a new day and a new start for term 4. We did our original routine, and had our first school assembly. Mrs Vickers was so proud of people coming back with there uniforms and ready to learn new things.


Wet swimming togs.
Ice water.
Mika my uncle.
Malia is my cousin and she came swimming pools.
Indoors and outdoors pools.
Nailed bombing.
Glen Innes for takeouts.

Playing with my cousins.
Licking ice cream.
Sunset was lovely.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Combinations Of Colours

On Tuesday we were working on this experiment to see if you could mix two or more colors it would have a different result. For example blue and red when your spinning it on a spinning wheel it will make purple. When you use green and blue then the result will be turquoise. The last color we did was red and green the product will be yellow or orange.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

At Tech!!!

We started with a prayer when went into the class room.
Today we were at tech and we had so much fun and our task today was about three dimensional shapes. We played a that was related to three dimensional shapes and we had to make something like draw and what it has like a face, edges, name and ventricles.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Duffy Assembly

Image result for michel mulipolaOn Tuesday we had a Duffy show and our Duffy role model was Michel Mulipola. He is a artist and a wrestling person and he likes to draw a lot. He illustrates journal books and comic books for school and store you may see a picture of his drawing on a building. His favourite character is Green Lanten because he says that he is different to the others. He wanted to draw ever since he was little and his family inspired him to draw to. He has even meet some professional wrestling people in the and he even fight in the ring. People in our school assembly like his character for what he is.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Syndicate Assembly!

On Monday 28 August we were presenting syndicate assembly first we sang a song because Mrs Golder was unorganized. Our first song was Cheap Thrills by Sia it was related to our financial literacy.
Then we played a little game called family feud but we changed it to class feud. Whoever had the most points would get a certificate. Room 9 came first, room 12 came second and room 10 came third but everyone tried their best. The next song was about if you don't have anyone to lean on you can lean on me. Next part of the assembly was certificate, notice and then we were all finished and everyone went back to their room to learn.    

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


We had a rotation at tech today so it was our first time at tech. At tech today we were drawing our name not normal but creatively. It was very hard because all I could think of was block letters. It would have to be 6 mm or 6 cm then after you have drawled your name you can color your name in with felt, pencil or you can leave it plain. We had to plan before you draw because if you made mistake then you could not have another a - 3 paper. There were lots of different colors and lots of  different felts. At my table I was sitting next to Mary and she kept on asking for help.